Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Stamps

I use many surface design tools  for making fabric my own. Some tools I buy that other artists have created, but I also create a lot of my own. Stamps are one of those easy things to do.  You can make stamps out of a variety of materials and the end product can be used with inks, paints and dyes, bleach etc.  on fabrics, leather and paper.  I have 2 very large bins of stamps, most of which I have made either with fun foam, or carved from lino, speedy cut or speedy carve. It's fun and easy to do when you want a creative project that leaves you with new supplies you'll use in your art over and over again.

I thought I'd share a few I've made. This first set is made from fun foam. Easy to cut with scissors, an exacto knife, versa tool (though, have plenty of ventilation), or  even a die cutter. 

These next sets I carved from speedy cut and speedy carve...easy to carve with a lino cutter.

And here is what they look like printed with ink.  I use them with paints, dyes and discharge agents as well.

If you've never made your own stamps, why not give it a try!

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