Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creating Sampson and Losing Loved Ones

In between working on the dream quilt and its larger version, I decided I needed to work on Sadie and Henrietta's cousin, Sampson. These fish  make me smile, and I so needed that this week. So yesterday, I prepped and layered the background colors for the "water".

Then began the base coat on Sampson.

And today, I finished up the initial color on him

The next steps will be the seaweed and later the shading  on Sampson.

But for the next few days, we will celebrate the life of, and say our final goodbyes to a dear family member who left us yesterday.  At the same time, lend all the support we can to his wife who , tomorrow, begins treatment in the fight for her life. Somehow, through it all, we will try to remember how fortunate we are.

Getting old sucks.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ready for Stitching

My little  auction quilt is fused and I've started stitching the applique down. Between all the silks and Vicki's gradient background, this piece just glows!

After that, a little subtle painted surface design and some couching for quilted designs.  It'll be ready to load on the Gammill  for quilting by mid week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Love Silk!

I  love the way the silk organza just glows! Perfect for a  moon.

I think it looks fabulous on Vicki's "Twilight " gradient, don't you?

And isn't that babies are holding hands :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chloe and Bouree

Today is devoted to the kitties. No words, just photos I took today. Enjoy!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dandelion Dreams

Today is the reveal of our latest Fiberactions color challenge. This time we were to use 3 colors; black and 2 others. One that begins with the first letter of our first name and one that begins with the first letter of our last name. The Lime was easy, but I couldn't think of one that began with "D" other than  "dark" something. So I got out the large box of Crayola crayons that I keep for the grandkids and found my answer...Dandelion!

I've had dreams on my mind while working on my show quilts for next year, and that theme carried over to this project.  In fact, it spawned both a quilt and a poem of sorts.


31" x 41"

Dandelion Dreams

Under the night sky

Above leaves of  lime,

As dandelion pearls float on the wings of a breeze;

I caught a dream and made it fly.

"Dandelion Dreams"  is a painted Wholecloth quilt, using  Liquitex Professional Artist's inks. There are two layers of Quilters Dream batting...Wool over Puff, and it is quilted with Wonderfil Invisafil threads. The color is accurate in the first photo...the close-ups  look washed out because I forgot to turn off the overhead lights when I took them.

And a look at the back

Looks like Bouree approves!

Now head over to the Fiberactions blog to see the wonderful pieces from the other artists.



Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little Tradition with My Contemporary Art

My quilts are contemporary in style and constructed with contemporary materials and techniques. But I always like to include some traditional elements into my designs even though they may not have been done in a traditional way.  For example...

traditional  designs on a painted quilt (in this case the hexagons)

My current works in progress are no different.  For the small , simplified version of my next show quilt (which will become my MQS 2013 auction quilt) I am making the moon from fused silk organza hexagons.  I drafted my pattern  in one of my vector drawing programs and printed my hexagon template from there. Here is a screen shot...

Pretty simple but effective.  I cut my pieces and got them all fused last week... just as I finished I found an email from Greta advertising a hexagon sphere pattern. She calls it Flower Ball.  It was so cool I bought it.  Not for this quilt, but just because it is so cool. Why is it so cool you ask?...because when she drew her design, she skewed her shapes and sizes. It really gives the illusion of  a free floating sphere!   Much better than mine! Be sure to click the link above and check it out.

Anyway, back to my version  after fusing...

I still like it, but I think I'll be doing something  with Greta's pattern in the future...maybe even hand piecing it (gasp!) ;)



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Something a Little Different

Three of my girls are coming for a visit next month and I always try to find craft projects we can do in between all our outside activities.  Now these granddaughters are the older ones...a pre-teen and an older teen(almost an adult )and of course,their mom.  So I'm thinking about things they might like to do...then it hit me, we can make some jewelry!

I have tons of beads and findings..even a pretty good supply of really nice gemstone beads and such.  So, in order to be able to teach them, I needed to get things figured out myself.  I decided to try my hand at wire crochet. Pretty cool!

I used some turquoise beads, sapphire artistic wire and sterling silver findings,cones,clasps and ear wires. It was quick and easy...crochet 3 strands and braid them together.  Add the cones and toggle clasp and done!

The earrings were even faster...add a jump ring to the ear wire, thread a bead on a eyepin, make a loop and attach to the jump ring and done!

The wire makes it easy to shape too, so you can fiddle with it until you are satisfied.

Not too shabby!  I think the girls and I will have fun!

Now we're off to celebrate the 4th at a family gathering.   Have a fun and safe holiday!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Challenge Progress

As hot as it has been, staying in to quilt is the perfect activity.  I'm getting very close to finishing my Fiberactions July challenge quilt.  All the main elements are done and I'm now working on the last section of background fill that will make the motifs pop! This one is much larger than my previous challenge quilts at ~ 34" x 44". The rest have all been in the 16" x 20" range.

So here are the last couple peeks before the reveal on the 15th.

from the top...

from  underneath (the back)...

Have a great evening and stay cool!