Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011

A few photos of Bouree being his usual cute self

And the pillow shams completed... still need to finish the accent pillow

Gotta parties are still in full swing around here!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pillow Shams & Accent Pillow

The Black, white and red quilt has long since been finished. But now that the room has been painted and I'm putting that guest room back together I decided to make pillow shams.  All of the fabrics in the quilt are fabrics I had used in the quilt that is the focal point of that room"Bye Bye Blackbird".


So I used the same fabrics for the shams and accent pillow. And some of the same elements.

Pillow covers and shams are a great way to try out quilt ideas on a small scale to sort out any issues in technique before committing to a large quilt.  And I always make them to go with bed quilts...I like how it gives the bed a finished look.

So I thought I'd chronicle the process in'll be in 2 parts.  Today, covers constructing the tops.

First, the shams....the center background

Add a circle of prairie points

a narrow inner border

the outer border

and done!

And the accent pillow...first the center

Some prairie points around the edge

and a border

And now we have two pillow shams and an accent pillow top ready to quilt!

Stay time we finish and embellish them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Been A While...But I've Got Lots of Pictures

Gosh, I haven't posted since my trip  to Virginia!  Well, I've been sick pretty much since I got home  so that's my excuse.

Finally I'm beginning to feel better thankfully, since these next few weeks are going to be busy.

I have accomplished a few more home reno projects...the kitchen backsplash is completed and I am very happy with the way it turned out.



And I also finished the sailboat mosaic and the bar

And I did get my minimalist  Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush up and decorated...though you'll notice it's out on the screened porch off the living room.  Bet you can guess why :)

And I swiped a few photos from Mary taken in while we were in Virginia...

me holding Siobhaan

Grand girls Kara and Becky with their Mom and Aunt Janet

And Fiona and Caleb

Somehow no one got a photo of Samantha...she's the missing grandchild...

And for those who miss Bouree and Chloe, I'll leave you with a couple of them

Bouree was having a nap before I woke him.  You probably can't tell in this photo, but he is getting really big!  He's about 12 pounds now...and he's 9 months old.

And here's beautiful Chloe in her nap place

And that's enough for tonight!