Monday, August 16, 2010

Working on Postcards

Today I worked some on postcards due next week for the latest MQR swap.  The theme this time is "Fan"

The first thing I did was print some fabric. I took white PFD , a rubbing plate from Cedar Canyon Textiles, Portfolio oil pastels, and Jo Sonja's textile medium.

I printed my fabric by rubbing the oil pastels on the fabric placed over the rubbing plate.  Then I used the textile medium instead of water to blend the colors.  After that was dry, I heat set the fabric with a hot iron, then washed, dried and pressed it.  Now the colors are permanently  set and the fabric is ready to be used.

Then I cut  some shapes out of foam, pulled out some of my previously dyed cheesecloth, and the other fabric and embellishments needed.

The cards are all together now and I'm working on the embellishments.  I'll post them in a few days when I'm done.

In the meantime, any guesses on what my interpretation of "Fan" is?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Quilt Design Added

I have added the EQ7 file for my "GO" Garden quilt over on my website.


A Couple More Critters for my "GO" Garden Quilt

I thought my garden needed a couple more critters. Using only the Circles, feathers and the stem, this

becomes a garden kitty!

And what garden would be complete without an inchworm... just circles and 1 stem cut up for the legs and antennae.

So these fun, quick little shapes are becoming a quilt... combined with sashing made from the 'triangles in a square" die and the 3 1/2" strip cutter.  As soon as I  scan the appliqué  blocks into EQ, I'll make the pattern available on the free EQ designs page of my website, so stay tuned!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Quest

Last week we had storms most all day nearly every day due to a silly tropical depression that stayed parked right off our coast.  So, since I couldn't use the longarm and wasn't in the mood to piece one day, I decided to play a little game  in between working on the painting for my new Fiberactions challenge piece. I posted of preview of that new piece over there.  Just follow the link above to see it.

The game was to see how many garden style applique combinations I could come up with just using parts of 3 "GO" dies.  I used the feathers die, the circles die, and the flower die...but only the circles, stem and leaves from that die.   So I dug out some scraps and started cutting and arranging.  The collage below shows what I came up with before I stopped for dinner.

And I'm sure if I spent more time I could come up with even more.

Every time I use my GO cutter I love it even more!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Addition to the "Web Extras"

For those who bought (or will be  buying) the Seasons of the Moon patterns and kits, I have added a full size layout guide for each of the patterns.  You can click it and enlarge it to HUGE!  Much bigger than the regular size page included in the pattern.  You can find them on my website here. You'll need the password included in your pattern pack to access the pages.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seasons of the Moon Patterns

I finally got the patterns listed in my website shop.   As you all know by now, I designed these patterns to use the beautiful hand dyed gradient fabrics I bought from Vicki Welsh.   As things happen, that led to a collaboration, which led to this.... Vicki now has the kits in her Etsy Shop.   It's all about choices, so here they are:

1) kit with pattern and background gradient fabric,  available from Vicki's shop

2) kit with pattern and all fabrics needed to make the quilt top, also available from Vicki's shop

3) pattern only, available from my website shop.

So, make your choice, then make the quilts!  Be sure to send me a photo of the quilts you make from these patterns. I'd love to see your creation!