Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kitchen Changes

Back in 2009, I showed you the  art glass "Wave" I added an  to my cabinets.

Well, the realtors think it's too "taste specific"  and wanted it surprise there :(

So I spent today undoing all that work. Now we're back to boring cabinets.

Now if someone will buy it soon; hopefully before I die of boredom ;)

A Message from Chloe and Harry

If any of you are interested, Mom is working us way too hard!  All this moving prep has totally worn us out.

Maybe after we rest and have some cookies, we'll help some more.....

Or, maybe not!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Packing and a Little Quilting

Time is moving fast, and the time for our move is creeping up.  While the movers will do most of the packing, there are always some things I like to pack myself...mainly my quilting stuff and clothing.  That process has now begun!

And to offset all that manual labor :) I'm doing some quilting too.  This is a project I agreed to do for some friends. It is the raffle quilt for their guild.  You won't see the entire project until it is completed and revealed by the owners, but here is a small peek.

Obviously, I'm just getting started so this has much more work to be done.  But that's gives me a break from packing!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Heat

Today is the reveal for our January Fiberactions Challenge.  Our word for this month was "Environment"

I knew from the beginning that the Sun would be central in my interpretation of this word. Then early in the month we had an amazing sunset.  The sky looked as if it was on fire...the colors so intense that the sun looked white hot!  Just when I thought it could not get any better, a flock of Ibis took off from the mangroves and flew across the sky red hot sky.  The idea for my piece started to take shape.

I hand dyed the cotton background fabric to match the colors of the sky that evening and was thrilled to be able to match both the colors and the intensity of that sky in my fabric.   Then I added random highlights with gold and copper foil.  The sun is Thai silk, and the birds are represented by prairie points made from black and white commercial prints.

I used two layers of batting... Quilters Dream cotton and wool; and Superior So Fine threads for the quilting.

Be sure to head over to Fiberactions to see the work of the other artists.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Two finished!

First the Flamingo...

and the back

So Fine thread by Superior, and Quilters Dream Cotton and wool battings. The feathers are wool that I hand dyed and felted.

And as you will see, while Mary is on a striped binding kick, I'm on a dot binding kick :)

And then here's Preserving Paradise ...s'cuse the wonky photos...part because I took it  skewed; and part cause it's not blocked yet...

The background is one of Vicki's gradient fabrics.  And all of the appliqué is done with various fat quarters I got from Vicki. The vase is one of her metallic painted fabrics. Only the dark blue  base and circles, and the dotty binding (which are all batiks) were not dyed by Vicki.  If you haven't tried her hand dyes really should, they are gorgeous!

So Fine and Lava threads by Superior, and Quilters Dream Cotton  and Quilters Dream wool battings.

and the back

a white back...every wobble and booboo visible; what was I thinking!

Lots of work in these...Chloe and Harry are very tired :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Progress; and the Kitties

The Flamingo is all bound and photo today, I'll do that tomorrow.

The bird of paradise quilting is nearly done...hopefully tomorrow will finish it up.

The only photos today are kitties....

Today was another open house. Chloe was just too cute posing as princess on the bed.

And talking about how cute she is...

And then there's Harry saying "hey what about me?? I'm cute too!"

See , I told you...

So, those of you who tune in for the kitty fix...tonight is for you!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Like a Chicken With Her Head Cut Off

Running around like a chicken with her head cut off....that phrase describes me perfectly these days! So much going on with buying and selling houses, trying to get organised for moving, open houses, deciding on fixtures, flooring,paint,etc for the new (to us) house, preparing for my last local class and lecture/trunk show and trying to get some unfinished art projects finished before the packing starts.  That doesn't even count the constant cleaning and picking up that has to go on with a house on the market...Even Harry and Chloe are exhausted!

But I am getting a few things accomplished, bit by bit.  Binding the Flamingo quilt

working on the quilting  of  "Preserving Paradise"

And I'm also working on my "Environment" piece for the Fiberactions challenge to be revealed on the 15th. Here is a teeny peek of that

And when I can't sleep at night because my mind is whirling with all the details that need tending to...I'm knitting fuzzy scarves

I tried working on my socks, but I'm at the heel and  being so distracted, I keep having to pull it out, so I switched to something mindless...the scarves.

So that's my latest update... have a great night!