Saturday, July 27, 2013

iPad Games for Cats

I found several interactive games designed for cats to play in the App Store . Most were free, a couple were $1.99.  

Bouree loves them! His favorites are the fishing game and the paint game. 

Sea Dancer

The diversion of Mixed Media paintings continues. I'm really enjoying this as I take breaks from quilting small, sometimes tedious details.

Sea Dancer is finished
12 x 16 stretched canvas

Work on the next one has begun...any guesses?

Well, back to quilting for now. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Latest Canvas

Got to have something to do in the afternoon thunderstorms when I can't quilt.  Reading and knitting are good diversions, but so is painting.

The latest is Sea Dancer...making progress, but many more layers to go.

It's fun to see the detail and depth each additional layer brings.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Chloe & Bouree's Summer Vacation

Ever wonder what kitties do on their summer vacation?  Well, here are a few photos of how summer is going so far in our house.
Chloe & Bouree napping on top of the car kennel

Bouree playing in a sinkful of water; he loves to play in water

Enjoying "outside" time on the screened porch

Chloe getting ready for a nap

Bouree reading the funnies

Napping on the floor

Watching Mom fold laundry

Nap time

Nap on the chair

Watching Mom quilt

Watching TV in bed

Discussing the day's events before bedtime

So how is summer going so far in your household?

Basic Black with Rainbow Tops and Toes

 Today is the reveal for Fiberactions.  Our challenge was to use the colors in our closet.

It's funny how my art imitates my closet! My art typically displays a glorious riot of does my closet.  When I opened the closet doors in preparation for this piece, I had to smile.  Color...all colors make me happy.  My skirts and slacks are mostly black, but my tops, scarves and shoes are a multitude of colors. All bright, clear color muted or grayed tones, and only one pastel.

So there you go, Basic Black with a riot of color on top...just like my clothes!  :)

Since the longarm had a large quilt in process loaded, I decided to to quilt this one on my domestic machine...something I haven't done (other than straight lines) for over 10 years, and oh boy, am I rusty!  Those are some pretty ragged feathers! But Bouree doesn't mind...he's already claimed this for his own.

I used Superior's Lava thread in the top and Bottom line in the bobbin. The batting is just one layer of Quilters Dream Puff.  I wasn't brave enough to tackle my usual two layers of batting with the DSM.

Be sure to check in at Fiberactions to see what the other artists did.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Calling it Done!

I finished the outlining; then made a transparent wash with interference paints and glazing liquid and brushed it over the background areas. This intensifies the subtle background color, just a tad, and gives it a nice  light shining on  the water.

After that dried, I used a circle stencil to add raised bubbles with light molding paste and waited for that to dry. You can always lightly sand  to even them out...I didn't, I like the course texture and irregularity of them.

Once the raised 'bubbles' were dry, I brushed them with a glaze of interference pearl, and then a light blue acrylic ink. The beauty of acrylics...all the various paints, inks and mediums work beautifully together! So there you have it....

Herschel and Selma

All that's left now is to seal the painting and hang it!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

And Here's Selma!

Today, Herschel got his spots and scales, and Selma got her base color.

Then I primed in her details

And started adding the color to those details

Then, a little outlining

Next time, I'll finish the outlining and fill in her other details.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet Herschel!

A little progress today... I got a good start on Herschel. :)

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Surface Design/Printmaking/Painting

Not much studio time lately, but grabbing some whenever I can. Cleopatra is on the frame being quilted; my compass wholecloth is being marked; two piecing and applique projects are in various stages.

Also, I'm working on a canvas.  8"x24"...primed. I'm printing, sponging, and painting.

Have you ever made your own printing plates?  I use a variety, gelli plates, hand carved lino plates and stamps and I often make printing plates from scratch foam.  It's quick and easy and very effective on paper, fabric and even stretched canvas.  Stretched canvas is what I'm sharing today.

First you need to draw your design on the foam.  Now, you can use recycled meat trays, but my medical background cringes at do I know I got off all those nasty meat germs?  So I buy my mine...from Joggles or DickBlick.  Then just draw your design...I use a stylus designed for scapbooking, but you can use a pencil or pen.

Here are 2 of the many designs I have drawn

Simply use a brayer to add the paint to your printing plate.  In this example, I used Golden Acrylic paint, mixed with an equal amount of Glazing does not lighten the paint...merely extends the working time. I applied it with a hard rubber brayer.
The first photo is a print I pulled on regular copy paper to test.

These foam printing plates can be used over and over again...just wash them with soap and water.

Then I re-applied the paint to the plate and printed my canvas.  I had already added the background color and allowed it to dry.

Now, you can see the lines created by the edges of my plate. I'm not concerned about that because I will be adding additional layers that will blend it.  If you want to minimize that effect...simply wipe the excess paint from the edges of your plate before printing.

After my printed canvas dries, I then sponge on additional colors.

Keep in mind, many thin layers work best.  After this dries, I use Titanium white Gesso to prime (rough in) my main motifs here...

And here.

Now it's waiting for me to have the time to add the details.

Happy 4th to you all!