Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Ocean of Tears

Today is the reveal for the second Art Squared group project. The theme was "Element" and  I chose water.  I wanted to depict the sadness I feel about how we abuse our oceans and waterways... The never ending pollution due to trash, fertilizer runoff, oil and gas spills just to name a few. How must Mother Ocean feel?
While I was trying to come up with my design, I found myself looking through some photos I had taken of my oldest granddaughter  in 2010, she was just shy of 15 then. Playing in our pool without a care in the world...enjoying the water. Suddenly,  the design came to me... Kara would be the model for my "Mother Ocean".
An Ocean of Tears

My drawing of Mother Ocean is not Kara, but was based on these photos  I took of her that wonderful summer day.

Mother Ocean was painted on white PFD fabric using textile paints and inks. Then she was appliqued to the pieced background. The moon is Dupioni Silk and was also appliqued to the background. The piece was quilted with Superior's Kimono Silk, Lava, and Metallic threads. The battings are Quilters Dream wool over puff. 

And here's the back...

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