Friday, March 25, 2011


My sweet, beautiful boy lost his battle with HCM this evening.

Thank you all for the kind messages, I will respond to each of you in the days to come, but right now my heart is broken.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bittersweet Move

We arrived safely in our new home.  Both Chloe and Harry were just wonderful on the trip.  They adapted quickly to their new surroundings and were running around playing  and exploring until last Friday morning.  Harry suddenly became very lethargic.  I took him immediately to the premier small animal hospital here in town.

Long story short, he has  very advanced,severe Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; unfortunately all too common in large breed cats...more common in males, but prevalent in both sexes.  It is known as the silent killer as many die  before they are diagnosed.  It is an inherited disease...they are born with it.

After days in the ICU trying to stabilize him; he came home with us today.  They have done all for him they can; he is on treatment, but the outlook is not good.  He is comfortable at the moment, so we will go day by day with him.

Harry is only4 years old, but he brings me immeasurable  joy every single day...I am devastated.


Monday, March 7, 2011

This and That

As we go through the next couple weeks, I will be busy with our move. So I have scheduled some posts to fill the time.  First though, is real time about today's mail.

I received a gift in the mail today from my friend Yvonne. She made me the most beautiful eternity scarf.  All hand knitted by her, in the most scrumptious baby alpaca/merino/nylon wool blend that is sooooooooooooo soft.  And those of you who know me, know my absolute fav colors are those in the blue and green families.

Well, the eternity scarf Yvonne knitted for me is blue.......can you say love?!!!!

I couldn't get a good photo of me wearing it, so I convinced Harry to model it for you.

And this is as it looks on the pattern page

Thank you so much, Yvonne! It means the world to me that you made this for me.

And then back to moving stuff and scheduled posts; you can't send liquids on the moving van, so I had some mixed dyes to use up.  Well, as it happens, Don had some ratty old stained tee shirts........ so combine ratty old tee shirts and dyes that need to be used and you get this;

and this

and this

Great use of mixed dyes and a good way to breathe new life into old tee shirts!




Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Impression" piece finished!

My Fiberactions challenge piece is finished except for the edge finishing. Unfortunately, that will not get done until after the reveal. All my stuff is packed for the move, so the edges will have to wait until I get to the new house and unpack my studio stuff.

It will be revealed on March 15th, but here is a small section of the back.

That's all you get till the 15th:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Move Has Begun

Today our boat "Trout" began the journey to her new home.  Since she lives on a special lift in the water of our back yard, we had to hire a crane to lift her out of the water and onto a custom made trailer for transport.  All in all a nerve racking, breath holding couple of hours.   I did however, document the event in pictures.   So fair quilt or kitty content tonight.

If you are still with me and curious, here are my photos from today.

The crane arrives and prep begins



and higher


the descent

lining up with the trailer


final adjustments

loaded and ready to go

on the road to New Orleans

Now I can breathe....and we'll see her again soon when we arrive at our new home.