Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Well today is the reveal for the Fiberactions Challenge "Stretch". Mine is called "Ebb and Flow"

Funny how things happen. At the time the word was revealed for this challenge, I was feeling quite "stretched" and overwhelmed in terms of demands on my time. Since then I have  taken steps to exert more control over my time rather than allowing that control to outside influences.  That simple change was very freeing and allowed me to look at "stretch" from a creative viewpoint.

Now one can "stretch" in many ways. You can do it by either expanding or limiting your technique or your color palette;  trying  new materials and mediums; or simply moving from working in a representational form to a more abstract one.  Or any number of other ways that physically or visually stretch you or your work itself.

I did not try a new technique or medium. I used a painted wholecloth...a very familiar technique and medium for me.  Instead, my "stretch" is to depict visually the cycle  of creativity.  In other words, I equate "stretch" with "growth".  And artistic growth has periods of constriction... where you can't seem to find your muse. But when the muse returns, we have this freeing burst of creative energy...much like the ebb and flow of a tidal river.

I started with a piece of 19mm silk charmeuse. The background wash was done with Tsukineko inks and Ink potion #9 to encourage the migration and wicking of the inks.  The "river"  and "bursts of  creativity" were also base coated with Tsukineko inks  and then brushed with a thin layer of  Pearl Ex pigments mixed in GAC 900. Then the elements were outlined with a solution of Sparkle gold Pearl Ex and GAC 900 using a dip pen.

The piece was machine quilted with Superior's Lava thread (Mariana) in the "river" and the background with Superior's Kimono Silk thread (glacier ice) . I used two battings; Quilters Dream cotton on the bottom and Quilters Dream wool on the top.

I also uploaded a short video of the stitching of this piece that you can find on my website, if you are interested.

Be sure to check the Fiberactions blog to see how all the other artists in our group interpreted this challenge. You will be inspired!

So, what does "Stretch" say to you?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Postcards

I showed you the parts a while back. Now that they gone here are the completed cards.  The August theme was 'fan'.  When I think of the word fan, I see a sea fan!

I hope all you Moms out there are enjoying the kids being back to school!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Couple of Projects

I have been playing in the studio this holiday weekend. Working on my latest wholecloth, the Seahorse appliqué, and a new design series.  This new series of patterns will be sized to fit perfectly on one of Vicki's gorgeous hand dyed fat quarters. The applique pieces will be large , so it will be a quick and easy project that can become a wall hanging,  a decorative pillow or even mounted on a canvas if you like.

So do you want a peek?  I thought you would, here you go a piece of the pattern.

So look for more about these later in the year.

And another project I've been working on is a small painted piece. A several months back, Irena asked if I would paint another small piece for her upcoming book.  She sent me a small piece already is one of her digitized designs.  Well she needs it by the end of the month, so I figured I'd better get busy on it.

This is the piece as she sent it to's all white...that coloration in the photo is from the light.

I added a little more quilting....and yes, I missed a spot, it has since been quilted in

And here with some of the color

Amazing what a little color can do!  Another couple hours of painting and this puppy will be done!

At first I thought the design looked like a flower, sort of. But the more I looked at it, it reminded me of a Ferris wheel, so I'm calling it "Carnival"

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend too!