Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Non-Quilting Projects

While I waited for my shoulder to heal enough that I could use the longarm again, I did other things...painting canvas was one. And while I showed the individual works in progress, I had a request to show them all together in one post, so here they are.

Selma and Herschel

Sea Dancer

Trudy and the Twins


and Mollie

And while I had fun with these( and I'll continue this series on canvas), I'm very happy to be back using the longarm again as of today.  It went well with no increase in pain, and I got a lot done on my challenge piece.  Tomorrow should finish it up, and the full reveal will be on Tuesday.

I also carved and made a lot of new stamps during my time away from quilting.... I'll share some of those tomorrow.

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