Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilting the Day Away

Today I'm working on my July Fiberactions challenge. This is the first real test since installing the offset thingy for my hopping foot. And wow, it is wonderful! I am amazed at how much more visibility I have in every direction...I should have done this MUCH sooner!

a few more peeks at the quilt...

Still lots more to do, but I'm ahead of schedule for a change :)



Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just a Glimpse

I've begun work on a new show quilt...actually two; one painted and one applique. Both will fit my tarot theme and hopefully one will work for the "Dreamcatcher" theme as well. That decision will be made later.  But today I'm showing a glimpse of some of the fabric elements for the applique quilt (these are the "before" photos; they've since been cut to shape)

Starting with several yards of Vicki's gorgeous new "Twilight" gradient

Can you see Bouree just itching to get into trouble? I captured him in mid-jump...

look ma, a tent!

OK, back to the quilt.... add to the" twilight"  a bit of dupioni silk that I dyed  in a pale turquoise

I just love the texture and shine of dupioni, and it takes the dye so well ( the color in the above photo is more accurate)

and a sparkly, sheer overlay that I purchased

and some silk charmeuse that I dyed lime green ; and some silk organza that I also dyed lime green

and we'll even throw in some silk organza that is not dyed

I just love all these colors together!

I'm also making a small, simplified variation on the theme of this quilt that will be another pattern to kit with Vicki's gradient. That one is pretty far along...I'll show it to you when the top is finished.

Back to Bouree...for those who have asked;

He had his cardiac workup earlier this week. The good news is he has no signs of HCM at this time.  The only finding was tricuspid regurgitation that the cardiologist defined as "trivial" and needs no treatment at this time.  While I would have preferred no cardiac issues at all, I am so relieved there is no evidence of HCM.  He  doesn't need to see the cardiologist again for 2 years.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!






Thursday, June 7, 2012

Printing Some Silks

My sister Mary had asked me to print a couple background fabrics for a project she wants to do, so I worked on that today. She specifically asked for silks, one  brown and one  green.  She had purchased a tree stencil that she liked and wanted me to use.

I used  silks from my stash; a jacquard that had a leaf pattern

and a dupioni with a very subtle stripe

I used Dye-Na-Flow (thickened) in golden yellow, sulfur green, bright green(with a little black added) for the green piece. Then I brushed some Lumiere Citrine and sunset gold for the metallic highlights over the base colors.

For the brown piece I used brown,ochre, and burnt umber...and then brushed the metallic (sunset gold and copper) over the base color.

As you can see, there was some seepage on the green piece...that is the jacquard.'s not as heavy as the dupioni and it wicks more easily.  But the leaf pattern in the fabric looks good with the greens.  I'm just waiting for Mary to let me know if these will work for her projects.  If not, I'll try something different!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The painting of my latest quilt, that is. Next step is to load it for quilting.

Probably won't do that for a few days though because my fabric arrived from Vicki today and I'm anxious to get started on that!  It's her newest gradient..."Twilight".

And Bouree has recovered from his vaccinations and is back to his usual antics.  He even agreed to pose for you this afternoon.

I tried to get Chloe too, but she was too busy napping :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!