Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lisa's Rulers

My friend Lisa Calle, developed a great set of rulers for quilting close, straight lines.  I purchased a set and absolutely love them.  So when she told me she was working on a curved set, I was thrilled!   When the prototypes came in, she asked me to try them out. They are wonderful...a nice deep curve, perfect for the small spaces I  fill with close cross hatching.   So I did a little video to show them to you.   The set " Quilter's Groove ProCurve Rulers" is now available for pre order on Lisa's website.  Get a set for yourself...you will love them!  And if you don't already have the set for straight lines, "Quilter's Groove ProLine Rulers"...get those too, you'll be glad you did!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Patterns

The latest joint venture with Vicki Welsh, two of my recent designs are ready and will be available as kits to include my pattern and  Vicki's hand dyed background  gradient.

"Once Upon A Dream" features Vicki's "Twilight" Gradient background.


And "The Watchers" featuring the "Rocky Road" gradient background.


Both include 1 yard of the hand dyed gradient and  all the full size pattern pieces in PDF format on a DVD. It's easy to store and easy to print out your pattern pieces when you need them.

They will be available  very soon in Vicki's etsy shop ...she'll make an announcement when she's got everything ready to go.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today is the reveal of the latest Fiberactions challenge.  The challenge required the use of at least ten colors.  With my current shoulder issues, I was uncertain if I would make this challenge, but I always have a few pieces laying in wait of their turn to be quilted.  I choose Harvey for two reasons: he met the color requirements, and he is fairly small.  That meant I was able to get him quilted in time.

[caption id="attachment_2981" align="alignnone" width="300"]Harvey Harvey[/caption]

Harvey measures 20" x 30 1/2" and is the 5th in my painted wholecloth series of Fanta-Sea Fishees.  I used my usual batting: Quilters Dream Wool over Puff, and Superior's Lava and Bottom Line threads. I have had a great time both painting and quilting these funny fish!  Just Cleopatra left to go.

As soon as I laid it on the floor to photograph, you know who claimed it...


The more I tried to more him to get the detail shots, Bouree just got silly.  So you'll have to see the detail around him.


He's cuter than the quilt anyway!


Be sure to head over to the Fiberactions blog to see the wonderful work from the other artists in this great group!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, it seems the world didn't end last month and we have moved on to 2013. I trust you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season, we surely did.  Today was household chores and putting away decorations and such... generally just getting the house back in order after parties and dinners over the holidays.

Tomorrow will be back to work on the High Priestess...I haven't touched that quilt in a while!  Deadlines are coming up soon, so no more goofing off.  I had taken photos early on in the quilting process but got busy and forgot to post them. So I'll leave you with a couple.



Obviously, these were taken before I buried the thread tails.  I had 10 of these to do, so I waited until they were all done to bury.



And the back...nothing like dark variegated thread on a light back!  Takes forever because I go so slow with high contrast threads, especially when backtracking!





That's it for now, have a great evening!