Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mail Today

First of all, I figured I'd better lay claim to my Blog in bloglovin, so Follow my blog with Bloglovin So now that's done.  All this is necessary because Google Reader ceases to be in November.  :(

That aside, I got great mail today.  Mary  told me about a cool tool for adding beads to knitting. It's called a Fleegle Beader by Susan Stevens of The Gossamer Web . It's quite cute and will end the problem of Bouree spilling my beads all over the floor...maybe.  I haven't tried it yet, so I'll let you know how I like it later.

The other mail is from Blue Line Eraser...I've been waiting to mark my compass wholecloth until this arrived. I tested it on my linen/rayon blend and it works as advertised, yay!

So, back to work I go!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Little of This... A Little of That

Today I worked on 4 different projects and accomplished quite a bit.  First off, I tea dyed the linen/rayon blend fabric. I am thrilled with the result.. It really does look like old parchment!

I just need to press it and then it's ready to cut and piece to the size I need for the wholecloth.

Next, I worked for a while on my fabric challenge piece. I'm not ready to share the whole design yet, but here's a peek of what I did on it today.

 Then I played around with a leather bookcover...I stamped it using my versa-tool.  I haven't worked with leather since the last quilt I made with it quite a few years ago.  I had forgotten how much fun it is!

And last but not least, I coated some screens with photo emulsion.  No photos of those...they're light sensitive, plus they're in the closet drying. They'll be ready to burn tomorrow, so I'll show you after they're done.

All in all, a pretty good day's work!  Now I think I'll go knit for a while.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Fabrics

I recently ordered dyeing supplies from Dharma to replenish my stocks.  I also needed some silk scarf blanks.... I like to keep some on hand to dye and print  when I need gifts  While on the website, I noticed they had a hemp/silk blend fabric...I ordered a yard to see what it is like.

Well, my order arrived today. The dyes and chemicals are as always; and the silk scarf blanks also wonderful as they always are.

The big surprise is the Hemp/Silk blend fabric...oh my goodness, is this some fabulous stuff!! Sooo soft, but weighty, and the drape is to dye for!  Words cannot describe, so here's a photo...though this does not do it justice either.   The Hemp side....

Gorgeous texture...almost like silk Dupion without the sheen and so soft!  And then here's the silk side...

Beautiful sheen, smoother weave than Dupion, but not as smooth as charmuese.  And both sides together...

This last photo is true to's a lovely cream.  I originally thought I'd use this for a quilt...but I think I may make a wrap for myself from's just so luscious! It's a bit pricey at $22/yd but so worth it...I will definitely order more of this!

And speaking of quilts, I originally had planned to use tea dyed Silk Dupion for my compass wholecloth, but today, I ran across this gorgeous piece of tight weave 68% linen/32% rayon blend.

It's hard to see how nice the texture is in the photo, and the weight and drape are divine...but I think I'm going to tea dye this and then see which I like best for the old parchment look...this or the Dupion.... I'm thinking it may be the linen/rayon blend...we'll see!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Working Again

After a forced hiatus of being ill, I am back in the studio. And not a minute too soon...the notice came out this week that the deadline for entry in  MQX West is August 20th...yikes!

 Terri made some screens of my drawings that I shared in my last post...and since then I've been drawing some more to burn my own screens.  I also got back to work on my Wholecloth drawing.... In fact it's finished and ready to transfer to my tea-dyed silk dupioni. That process will begin this weekend.

This photo was taken at an earlier stage of development.  The open spaces have been finished.
My father and father in law were, and my husband is an avid sailor.  This is meant to honor them all. I call it "A Star to Guide Him"  and it is based on a tiny 3 inch piece of an antique chart I found   in the attic when I bought this house.

I supplemented  the design with royalty free period ironwork and cartouche designs from Dover publications,

And drafted others myself with the usual tools of our trade.

I also have several other projects in applique piece that I've been working on for 2 years...I'll share that in another post;  and Les Barons...

You may recall all the hexes I made from the fabrics Vicki dyed for me...well all the hexes are done and now I'm auditioning colors for the background behind them.  I want it to glow from within, so I'm leaning to shades of yellow/gold.. With maybe a touch of orange and/or reds... This one is too pastel and too green

This one is closer...I'm going to dye a piece based on these colors...mostly the yellows and golds, with just a touch of orange and red I think.

With the stark black, deep purple and pure white of the other elements, I think that will work.

I also have two other pieces in progress, plus Cleopatra on the frame being quilted...but more on those another time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Thermofax Fun

A couple weeks ago, I won a giveaway on Terri Stegmiller's Blog. My prize was one of her Thermofax screens and I choose her "Pods" design. Well, shortly after she had acquired her machine, we had discussed the possibility of her making some custom screens for me. Well, I finally got around to sending her my drawings and today my new screens arrived!

First, I'll show you the screens...this is Terri's "Pods"

The rest are from my drawings...some of which you've seen as fills or motifs on my quilts.

This is my "Blooming Hexes"

 "The Eyes Have It"

 "Sturdy Swimmers"    :)

 "Crescent Shells"

And my "Snail Feather"

Of course I had to start playing with them right away! So I grabbed some hand dyed fabric scraps, a squeegee,  and a variety of textile paints. I wanted to try different brands of paints to see how they worked.  I did choose only medium body paints.

So here are my results... this is "Blooming Hexes". I used Pro Chem orange transparent paint. This was my first print, and I used too much paint, so it's a little messy.

The next print is Terri's "Pods" screen with Pro Chem black transparent paint...better!

 Next up is "Sturdy Swimmers" using Pro Chem purple transparent paint

Next is "The Eyes Have It" using Jacquard semi-opaque textile paint in red

The next print is "Snail Feather" using Setacolor silver metallic paint

And last but not least is "Crescent Shells" using Jacquard Lumiere metallic russet

Needless to say I am thrilled with my new screens!  I'm very happy that my designs translated to screens so well.  I'll be using these a lot and I dare say I'll be sending more of my drawings to Terri very soon!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Several have asked since I am dismantling my website, if my patterns will still be available.  The answer to that is a resounding yes!  They are and will be available in kits exclusively from Vicki Welsh...I think that is appropriate since they were designed for her fabrics.

And by the way, Vicki is having a sale right now on both my pattern kits and Terri Stegmiller's pattern kits.  So if you've been eyeing any of these, now is the time to get your deal...they're 15% off thru Sunday June 9th!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Changes are coming!

 I have decided that I no longer need a website. I no longer have the time, inclination or need to keep it up. So, I'm going back to a simple blog where I can share my work and the cats.  This and Facebook will be where you'll find me from now on :)