Thursday, September 24, 2009

The finished product

This was a client quilt and it was such fun to work on.  Thanks Cath!  Twenty blocks, so I did twenty different background fills and not a stipple in sight!   Keeps it interesting and the eye moving around the quilt.  You will also notice I used a thread that was several shades lighter than the background fabric; thus bringing the background quilting forward and making it another design element.  Doing something like this does not work in every quilt, or even most quilts, but it is very effective in this one.  The sashing blocks were simply stitched in the ditch.  So, here you go!  You can click on the photos for a larger image.


100_6888 100_6887

100_6889 100_6890

100_6891 100_6892

100_6893 100_6894

100_6895 100_6896

100_6897 100_6898

100_6899 100_6900

100_6901 100_6902

100_6903 100_6904 hmmm, wonder how he got upside down.....

100_6905 100_6906

and the back...


So, you see there are tons of ways to fill the background.  This is only 20 of them.

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just a peek

of what I'm working on this week.


Almost done too!

Have a great night.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

An new applique project

I started a new appliqué project to try and use some of those gorgeous fabrics I've been buying from Vicki.  I drew the pattern the other day and today I prepared and cut all the pieces...some by hand, some with the "GO" cutter.  These fabrics are just so rich and full of wonderful texture!






And it will all go on this piece

High Noon

Going to be one colorful piece!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A new project

You've seen all the beautiful hand dyed fabrics that I've been buying from Vicki.  Well, I'm actually starting to use some.  I've decided to use one of the gradients as a background, and some of the other fat quarters pulled from three of her palettes.  I have drawn a pattern for a nice, simple Autumn inspired wall quilt. I'm not going to share the pattern just yet,because Vicki and I have decided to collaborate....her beautiful fabrics and my designs. In the not too distant future we will have kits available.

I will show you the fabrics though. You can 'click' on the photo to enlarge it.


Now don't those remind you of autumn?

And of course an autumn quilt needs a harvest moon, don't you think?  I do!  So I set about making my 'fabric' for my moon using Lutradur and Angelina fibers.  It's perfect!

If you're not familiar with Lutradur and Angelina, or would just like to see how it turned out visit my website. I put together a quick tutorial on how I made the moon 'fabric'.

While you're there, check out the free EQ6 design files I posted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The last of the custom "water" fabric arrived

Vicki has outdone herself yet again!  I received the last of the custom dyed fabric I ordered from her today. And boy is it gorgeous. Since a picture is worth a thousand words....




Add these to the ones she sent last week, and I now have a fabulous water palette


And some new selvage to selvage gradations round it out




And this one just spoke to me....I have other plans for it....think hot summer night with frogs and lizards chirping


Soon, you're going to see something from these...really!  Thanks Vicki for some beeeeeeeautiful fabrics!

Another Finish!

Another one done and off the list!  Very pretty colors and nice piecing...  this client does beautiful work!  I used the circle lord Gingko template..two motifs, for the block designs; a line dancing variation in the triangles, and pumpkin seed in the sashing.   Quilters Dream cotton select batting; Superior "Lava" thread.


"L" x8 ,then "B"x8... offset 1 step


"L"x8, then "B" x8



Circle Lord Gingko template


I used motifs "B"


and "L"


Makes a pretty design.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Text messaging

I have been very slow to embrace text messaging.  Just didn't see the need, someone wants to send me a message...I have e-mail.  Want to talk, I have a cell phone that is always on and with me.

It's not that I don't like technology...I couldn't function without my computer.  I'm even understand a little more than half of it...what I don't get, I'm fortunate to have Mary, who helps me get the rest.

Well, I recently added a texting package to my cell phone.  Why, you say?  My oldest granddaughter, Kara (14 in Oct) has started texting me...every day...sometimes several times a day.  She used to talk to me on the phone a lot.  That stopped when she was about 12.  But she will text.  So, for me it was a no I have that daily contact with her which is so wonderful!  Especially since she lives so far away.  I did figure out pretty quick you need a phone that has a full normal keyboard(albeit tiny).  Grandpa Trout won't have texting on his phone....

But, when Kara sends a message to him thru me....he says;"write her back and tell her....yada yada,  and sign my name"   I told him if he adds the texting to his phone, he can tell her himself.  He still rumbles "if they want to talk to me they can call"...blah,blah,blah!

He'll come around though....everytime Kara sends him a message through me, that he can't respond to  directly, wears away at his resolve.  Won't be long now!

See, even old dogs can learn new tricks. And this particular trick lets me be a daily part of my granddaughter's life...there's nothing but good about that!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Finish

I finished the small colored piece. The pattern is from Irena Bluhm's book.  I did add a little extra detail to the center flower.  I used Derwent Inktense Pencils, and both textile mediums recommended in the book as well as the fixer.  I hate to heat set!  I used two batting's; warm & white on the bottom and Quilters Dream Puff on the top.  The fabric I used for the top was Pimatex PFD.  Turned out sort of cute.  I'll probably eventually bead the edge to finish it.  It is small ~15 inches square.


And the back is a piece of fabric that I hand dyed last fall


Now, on to the next project!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you sick of hand dyes yet??

I certainly am not, nor will I ever be!  I got a wonderful package in the mail today...the custom palettes that I ordered from Vicki.  And oh boy are they gorgeous!  The photographs don't begin to show the beauty of either the depth of color or texture.  Thanks, Vicki for more beautiful stuff!

palette #1


palette #2


and turquoise to grape gradation. This is fabulous not only for the color, but that it runs selvage to selvage.  Much more versatile that way.


And then I did a little messing around with a sample using Irena Bluhm's technique... in between editing video.


I also want to say thanks to Mary. She is doing a wonderful job helping get the new site up and running.  Aren't sisters the greatest?

SO, what did you do today?